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Hello World! (Again)

We’ve been here before.

At software start-ups. The top of big Magento development firms: built big teams, managed big clients, experienced big growth. Designed, built, delivered eCommerce solutions. Again. And Again. And Again.

But this time, it’s different. This time it’s not about big. Or scale. Or more. This time the metric of success is quality; better not bigger.

And we’re the rare group of nerds who insist that great working code alone isn’t enough and isn’t the goal. Rather the goal is, oddly, the quality of our relationships with our team, with our clients and with the outcome of our work together.

Our view on quality a bit more holistic, and a lot more zen: Did our work together solve the problem? Did it meet your expectations? Did we work well as team? Was it maybe, just maybe… a little bit fun?

Let’s find out.

Bring us your most challenging Magento projects and discover that the journey to your solution is as important as the solution itself.

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Our Experience: Magento centered since 2009

While we’re a new firm, we’re not new to Magento or eCommerce. In fact we’ve been eCommerce since 2003, design and developing on Magneto since 2009 and behind the scenes we’ve been powering International brands other award winning Magento developers in the US and Europe for years.

Our People: Magento Certified Development

There isn’t much on the Magento battle field our team hasn’t seen. We’ve been building on Magento since version 1.3. Certified Magento Developers Plus see every line of code, of every project, every time. Experienced programmers produce work that we guarantee will work. Business Analysts help you define your needs, Q/A specialist kill bugs before they happen. Project Managers take care of your needs before you even know you had them.

Our Process: Uncompromising Agility.

We’re fervent believers in the Agile project management techniques that have revolutionized the way things get done across industries. This Agile approach and our own hard won experience has allowed us to refine the steps we take to deliver the best product. Every client is approached uniquely; and while no two problems are the same, we’ve cultivated our common framework that ensures things run smoothly, on time and with uncompromising quality.

“eCommerce Solutions that fit”™

Our goal is to solve your eCommerce needs in a way that best utilizes your valuable investment in technology. In fact, it’s not unusual for us to turn big projects into smaller ones, where we solve problems more efficiently.

We’ve surprised more than a few merchants who have come to us pre-loaded with big solutions, ready for us to work on, only for us to ask a ton of questions, get to understand their goals and offer a more elegant and scalable solution. A solution that was deployed more quickly, yielding a bigger return on investment sooner and freed up resource for other priorities.

In other words, it not unusual for us to spend less of your money on development than you might have thought possible.

Solutions to scale. Magento Development for any budget.

Magento Certified Development on every project, every time.

100% guarantee. It works as requested or we fix it free.